Vroom Vroom! Auction Sneak Peeks Start Now

Clive Owen. Pierce Brosnan. Jason Statham. Yes, they are all British actors, but they have something else in common. All three became famous in roles where they were featured driving BMWs. Fast. Like they were meant to be driven. If you've ever dreamed of driving one of these high-performance machines with absolute confidence and control, here's your chance. You will have the opportunity to bid on a BMW Performance Driving School experience at A Taste of the Fine Arts on February 3rd. The one-day Car Control School is designed to teach you how to handle your vehicle in any situation -- like when the baddies are after you and all you have to rely on are your instincts... and your car.

Purchase tickets today for A Taste of the Fine Arts at the Fine Arts Center office or online.

Special thanks to BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC for its support of the Fine Arts Center and A Taste of the Fine Arts.