FAC Instructor Wins Award/Book to Be Published

Fine Arts Center Creative Writing Instructor Sarah Blackman is the 2011 winner of the Ronald Sukenick American Book Review Innovative Fiction Prize for her short story collection Mother Box. The book, a collection of 11 stories and one novella, will be published by independent press Fiction Collective 2, an imprint of the University of Alabama Press, in August 2013. FC2 was founded in 1974 with the specific mission to find, publish and keep in print ficton that defines itself as innovative or experimental in form, that bends the rules of the genre and doesn't bind itself by considerations of the publisher's bottom line. An author run and managed collective, FC2 has grown from six founding members to over 100 today, including such leading figures in American innovative fiction as Kate Bernheimer, Michael Martone, Diane Williams, Noy Holland and Lance Olson.