The Sixth Greenville Dance Festival

The Sixth Greenville Dance Festival will be held at the Fine Arts Center and Wade Hampton High School on October 6, 2012. Four sessions of six classes each will be offered.  The first class begins at 9 a.m., with check-in starting at 8 a.m.  There is also an informal performance at 4 p.m., which features African dance, classical Indian dance and three modern dance companies:  The Wanda Project from Charlotte, Annex Dance Company from Charleston and Sapphire Moon Dance Company from Columbia. Guest teachers include Joan Wadopian, a graduate from the dance conservatory of SUNY-Purchase who performed with the internationally acclaimed Shen Wei Dance Arts, Mohamed DaCosta from the University of Florida, Wanda Ebright from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, Valerie Ifill from Winthrop University and Johnson C. Smith University, Kristin Kieseler from the College of Charleston, Peter Base from Carolina Ballet Theatre, April Schaeffer from Greenville Jazz, Rebecca Lee, Janice Batson from Greenville Yoga, Anna Jordan Bax, and other respected dancers and teachers throughout South Carolina.
For more information, contact Jan Woodward, FAC dance instructor, here.