Deck Yourself With Lovely Jewelry!

Black Friday? Who needs it? We're celebrating Metals Monday at FAC with the fifth annual Metals Students Holiday Sale. 

Looking for holiday gifts or something festive for yourself? Visit the Fine Arts Center to see what's in the jewelry display cases this year! The sale will take place from Monday, Dec. 3, until Tuesday, Dec. 18. 

Fifty percent of the sales price is paid to the student artist, and the other 50 percent supports the Metals Department.

Through this project, students learn to transform relatively raw materials, like metal wire and sheet, into desirable products via design. They also experience the art of entrepreneurship. Every year the offerings are unique as different students move through the program.

Cash or checks are accepted. Sale times are Monday to Friday before morning and afternoon classes and after school (9-9:15 a.m., 1-1:30 and 3:20-4 p.m.), before most evening performances and by appointment by calling Metals instructor Katy Cassell at 864-355-2671 or emailing her here