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Charle E. Ratteree (Assistant Director of the Fine Arts Center) and Dr. Roy S. Fluhrer (Director of the Fine Arts Center) wrote an editorial in Friday's In My Own Words section of the Greenville Journal. 

"What distinguishes these young artists is not just their passion for art inside their studios, but their ability to ask questions when they get outside of them."

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Applications are now open for the 2015-2016 year.

 Dr. Roy S. Fluhrer is the director of the Fine Arts Center and past president of the Art Schools Network and the South Carolina Arts Alliance.

 Charles E. Ratterree is assistant director of the Fine Arts Center and chairman of the Metropolitan Arts Council.

Greenville arts teacher receives Mary Whyte Art Educator Award

Donna Shank Major, an instructor at the Fine Arts Center of Greenville, is this year’s recipient of the annual Mary Whyte Art Educator Award. Established in 2007, the award highlights high school visual arts teachers in South Carolina school districts who have demonstrated superior commitment to their students and to their craft. 

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Fine Arts Center Metals Holiday Sale

Please visit the Fine Arts Center lobby to check out:
the Metals Students Holiday Sale

    going on now until Wednesday, Dec. 17
    50% of sales price is paid to the student artist
    the other 50% supports the Metals Department

Project Goals:  students learn to transform relatively raw materials like metal wire and sheet into desirable products via design and to experience the art of business.

Cash or checks please (checks payable to the Fine Arts Center Partners).

Sale times are before and after morning and afternoon classes (9-9:15, 11:05-11:20, 1:10-1:30, 3:20-3:45), before most evening performances, and of course by appointment by emailing

Katy Bergman Cassell
Visual Arts Department Chair
Fine Arts Center
102 Pine Knoll Dr
Greenville, SC 29609
ph: 864-355-2571

The Sheffield Wood Fine Arts Center Gallery presents Ties that Bind: Alumni

Ties that Bind: Alumni will be on display through January 23, 2015. The reception will be on Thursday, December 18, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m in the Sheffield Wood Gallery located in the Fine Arts Center at 102 Pine Knoll Drive, Greenville, South Carolina.

In honor of the year-long celebration of the Fine Arts Center's 40 Anniversary, we are holding a four-part exhibition series that will showcase the four main pillars within the Fine Arts Center Visual Arts Community: Faculty, Alumni, Community, and Students. The series entitled Ties that Bind: FACS began September 5, 2014 and will run throughout the school year, ending on May 27, 2015.

The series is currently in its second installation: Ties that Bind: Alumni. The series is an exciting exhibition that showcases artwork by successful and celebrated alumni of the Fine Arts Center who are continuing to create artwork today. By displaying these works side-by-side, visitors to the Sheffield Wood Gallery can see the dynamic contribution the Fine Arts Center has made to the arts community throughout the years and world-wide.

Alumni exhibiting in Ties that Bind: Alumni include...
Tara Botka
Art Brown
Adam Burgess
Connor Clinch
Jane Creech
Alexis Deal
William Edward Downs, III
Emily Duncan
Paul Flint
Kate Furman
Lynn Greer
Grace Grothaus Grimm
Jason Hall
Erin Jones Hall
Eleanor Harmon
Greg Hart
Walter S. Heape
Jena Heaton

Megan Hueble
Stacy Isenbarger
Kerrick Johnson
David Kelly
Kellie LeGrand
Sharon Massey
Drew Miller
Joanne Nguyen
Lucy Nordlinger
Katie Poterala
Kate Roberts
Calley Sanchez
Erin Stuart
Franky Tran
Judy Verhoeven
Elissa von Walter
Joel Wilkinson
Susan Young